Almost all pigs can be trained.They respond very well to the reward system of training whereby food or tit bits are offered to attract attention or reward them for something they have done well.Of particular importance is your voice and touch.Pitch and tone of the human voice (without shouting) become very important aids to memory reinforcement for all types of pit and the pig is no exception.The key factors in training are (1) habit, which means repeating the same action over and over again until it is imprinted in your petís memory; and (2) regular routines, which means that when asking your pet pig to perform a task, give commands in the same manner each time.Always make sure that what you are asking your pig to do is very obvious and not too difficult.


Pigs can be trained to anything a dog can do.

Train your pig to accept humanís touch.Pigs love to be scratched behind their ears and along their back.Rubbing their bellies will often evoke the pig to lie down and roll onto it side, often with a stretched contended head and even if you are lucky a smile.A belly rub helps to build confidence between yourself and the pig


Take control over the pigís feeding routines.It is essential that the pig is not allowed to be overly pushy at feed time and steal food, particularly from children.Pigs can be very gentle eaters, but their teeth are sharp and can cause serious injuries.



First train the pig to sit

Then the sit up can be mastered

After this pigs love ringing bells and even blowing a horn

Once the bond is complete the pig can do almost anything and compete in shows

Pigs can be a great partner in kids games

These pigs are having a ball with paint and paper.